The Importance Of Organizational Leadership In The Workplace

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Welcome to the Centrevale Corrections Facility, my name is Leishi Williams and I am the Corrections Human Relations and Training Officer here at this establishment. Centrevale has been up and running for the past 17 years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania serving in retribution and rehabilitation of inmates. This correctional facility consists of five housing buildings including an administration site. Each building has eight housing units with four on each floor, consisting of 32 cells that is surrounded within a living and dining area. All inmates have access to indoor and outdoor recreation, library, educational classrooms, and program areas. Centrevale has been one of the most outstanding facilities around in Philadelphia due to our…show more content…
A resolution for a debate would consist of evaluating and suggesting a change in the direction of current prison policies and processes. When we consider the thought of prison, we instantly think of criminals or offenders but rarely do we ponder the staff and officers that are working inside. Imprisoned individuals are a part of the criminal justice system world but they are not who completes the group. There is a population of officers, health care workers, and many other professions who undergo many objectives and duties daily. Employee turnovers or better yet known as “burnouts” are an everyday occurrence within correctional facilities and has seemed to grow over Centrevale. Policies and processes such as non-rotating shifts, long extended hours, call-ins on day offs, and the lack of employee/administrative communication are a few things that should be carefully considered and changed upon the successful rebuild of Centrevale. With non-rotating shifts, officers have a lack of knowledge of the facility itself. Employees who are only staffed during the day or only during the night remain in the same buildings and areas every day/night of work. This occurrence can possibly cause a burnout of not loving or being interested in the job itself. An improved method could have a rotated schedule to rotate officers to different stations so their work can be diversified and trained in multiple areas versus repeatedly executing the same
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