The Importance Of Outside And Non Associating Scientists With Recognition

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1. The hiring of outside and non-associating scientists with recognition in a particular field to perform the research to assure the safety of a specific product or processes. These services can be hired to generate controversy about a competing product and debate with scientists and regulatory bodies on the side effects of dangers of a product. For e.g. pharmaceutical and chemical companies used this tactic for drugs and household chemicals marketing.
2. The selection and formation of so called ‘front’ groups of third party scientists/ experts’ to support the scientific position of claims made by the scientists of particular companies. The example of “scientific advisory boards” or SABs is normally used to defend the companies in court cases and in general public claims.
3. The creation and utilization of industry groups or associations, including the associations and organization for an industry, think tanks, and public opinion organizations assist the companies in proving the claims of companies to be legitimate.
4. The use of media and PR agencies to create and change opinions of general public. For instance, the development of VNRs or ‘video news releases’ is relatively a new technique of PR firms used to relay videos of company claims about products and / or services in easily downloadable formats like videos shared on YouTube. These videos are available on common media as well in form of paid segments and public associated the content with the news releases

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