The Importance Of Overcoming Adversity

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I was living in Tucson at the time Marcus was swimming at the U of A and I had a kid attending the U, too, but I did not know about Marcus. I regret that. Marcus was a valuable and respected team member of one of the top college swim teams in the country despite his deafness. How awesome it that! This is a great example of how the human spirit was released to overcome adversity. Marcus had an advantage because deafness helped him focus, center himself, and be relaxed whereas he might not have been able to do so with normal hearing. His deafness was an advantage to both himself and the team and without it, he probably wouldn’t have ever pursued the sport. I bet his life is more enriched today than it would have been. I was impressed that the U of A had someone on site to communicate with Marcus with sign language. I appreciate that commitment and I hope that other colleges would have done the same. His story also continues to inspire others…show more content…
I was not aware of this so I’m now more informed and sensitive to that issue. The audio issues with the video reminded me of what many deaf people might experience on a daily basis as they continuously have to adapt to new environments. I had to adapt my hearing to focus on the video. I’m also more sensitive to hearing issues after losing over 40 db in three frequencies in one of my ears after a biking accident last year (-40, -60, and -50 db). I had distortion, sensitivity, vibration feelings, high pitch ringing, and musical ear. Many of those sounds in the video that distracted everyone were some of the same sounds I experienced for 9 days as my ear learned to adapt and heal. Although my hearing returned, my ear is sensitive to sound and still rings during the day. Because of this, I’m more sensitive to the needs of the deaf community and the videos reinforced that I need to be more involved in that
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