The Importance Of Overexertion Injuries In Health Care

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Within a health care facility, nurses and staff support perform patient handling such as transferring, positioning, and lifting patients, all of these which can result in overexertion injuries in health care workers.
The greatest risk factor for overexertion injuries in health care workers is the manual lifting, moving, and repositioning of patients (Perry, Potter, & Elkin, 2016, p. 399). According to BLS (2012), "More recent data show that within the health care industry, workers in these occupations suffered the most lost-time cases of general musculoskeletal pain and back pain (13,000)" (as cited in Perry, Potter, & Elkin, 2016, p. 400). Therefore, when turning/positioning a patient or transferring them from the bed to a chair/wheelchair, there are certain principles of body mechanics that are important to keep in mind.
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401). Some of the patient-handling equipment and devices include height-adjustable beds, ceiling-mounted lifts, friction-reducing slide sheets, and air assisted devices. For example, when transferring a patient onto a stretcher or bed, the nurse may use a slide board; this involves sliding the patient toward yourself using a pull sheet or slide board. However, if the patient-handling equipment and tools are not available, and the nurse decides to lift the patient manually, then the nurse must only apply this method if it does not involve lifting most or all of a patient's weight. (Perry, Potter, & Elkin, 2016, p. 401). However, because half of all back pain is linked to manual lifting tasks, it is crucial that manual lifting is only used when it is the last resort and when it does not involve lifting most or all of the patient's weight. (Perry, Potter, & Elkin, 2016, p.
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