The Importance Of Parent Adolescent Sexual Communication

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Let’s Talk About Sex: The Importance of Parent-Adolescent Sexual Communication Communication between parents and adolescents is important when educating teens on how to practice safer sex. Roni Caryn Rabin in her article, “Why Parents Should Have the ‘Sex Talk’ With Their Children,” provides evidence as to how and why these conversations are important for healthy adolescent sexual development. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 60 percent of sexually active high school students did not use any birth control the last time they had intercourse. This article emphasizes that these numbers can be reduced if parents simply engage in a conversation with their teens about sex. Furthermore, factors such as being uncomfortable or nervous about talking to their parents and fears that parents will over react play a key role in why parents and their children do not have a safe sex talk (Rabin, 2015). Over all, Rabin stresses that this topic is important to address regularly in order to promote safe sex and healthy relationships in teens. However, after reviewing this article, there are four aspects that must be acknowledged in order to educate parents on how to engage in conversations about sex in the most effective way. First and foremost, Rabin (2015) states in her article that teens who communicated with their parents about sex were more likely to communicate with their sexual partners and more likely to delay sexual activity. However, in a 2007
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