The Importance Of Parental Involvement In Education

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This study determined parental involvement had no significant impact on the reading growth of students participating in a Reading Recovery program in rural North Carolina. The study utilized Reading Recovery entrance and exit scores as well as parental involvement percentage scores for each student. In order to determine if a significant impact existed at this location, the researcher grouped parental participation into high, medium, and low levels of involvement based on the overall percentage score and compared the growth levels of students among those parental groups. Federal mandates require qualifying schools to utilize a certain amount of title 1 funding toward parental involvement programming. These federal requirements…show more content…
In analyzing the first research question, the researcher concluded there was not a significant difference in the overall reading growth scores of Reading Recovery students based on whether parental involvement percentages were high, or low. To draw a more valid conclusion, the researcher compared the reading growth and parental involvement scores among various races of the students. Three categories surfaced, Black, White, and Hispanic. The study determined there was no statistical difference among racial identifiers. In addition, the researcher also compared the reading growth and parental involvement scores between male and female students. Similarly, the researcher concluded that there was no significant difference between the genders. Drawing from this overall analysis, the researcher concluded that parental involvement alone did not significantly increase reading growth scores in a Reading Recovery program. This chapter examines the practical significance of the findings, the limitations, implications, and finally, the recommendations for more research. Practical Significance The increased accountability placed on public schools in the area of student growth and achievement, in particularly reading (Warren, 2010), forces educational institutions to maximize resources due to limited funding as well as requirements on funding. In order to maximize parents as a
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