The Importance Of Parental Involvement On A Large Scale Essay

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This district is filled with many positive qualities that would help lay the groundwork for achievement and success. There are five key positives, however, that stand out in regards to benefitting the district on a large scale. The first is the parent involvement and parent related organizations that filter throughout the district. A parent is often the one that knows a child best and with the help and support from parents it can go a long way in ensuring a student receives a strong, well-balanced upbringing both in and out of the school day. The parent organizations can offer unique opportunities to raise money, help with school programs, and bring a new awareness to the surrounding community about the happenings within the schools. All of this will in turn foster more parent involvement and ultimately more people will want to trickle into the district growing the economy and school district. Finally, by placing value on parental involvement in the school is showing just how intertwined the two are and shows that the school cares about students on a deeper level. The second strength is the use of technology and the fact that it is offered so freely to students within the district. Technology has a unique ability to do two things: one, lessen the achievement gap, and two, encourage 21st century skills that can help with college and careers. Technology, as mentioned, is able to help prevent the widening of the achievement gap when offered through the school because
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