The Importance Of Parenting Practices Alone Can 't Close The Achievement Gap

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Not only do students suffer when they come from a family of low social and economic backgrounds, they also fall behind when they come from a family who is either not involved in their education, or have lower expectations for the students. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), during the year 2010, of all the bachelor’s degrees conferred to United States residents by degree-granting institutions, 72.9% were white, and only 10.3% were black (Fast Facts). There is a severely disproportionate racial distribution of the number of degrees held in this country. When students come from a family where attending higher education is not the norm, or parents do not push their students to do better than they themselves did,…show more content…
This leaves a disadvantage for black students, who get less qualified teachers. It’s also a symbolic disadvantage. In schools where tracking occurs, even in suburban schools that host a diverse population of students, students who get tracked into the lower classes perceive themselves as less capable because they often get less challenging work and teachers have lower expectations for them. Except the problem doesn’t just stop there. Schools are so focused on gaining funding from high-test scores that when students are tracked, in order to secure high test scores, students who are in the low performing track are deemed as trouble makers and typically forced to leave schools because of disciplinary actions. According to the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights “On average, 5% of white students are suspended, compared to 16% of black students.” This feeds into the racial stereotypes that these children were born into and seemingly cannot escape. Instead we need to start equipping schools with administrators and teachers who are aware of these negative implications and believe in the students enough to motivate them. Although there is an apparent achievement gap within schools, there are some researchers and people who claim that because schools are not the major cause of the achievement gap, closing the achievement gap is not a school issue. These people claim that schools should not be the ones to try and fix the gap because the problem exists outside
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