The Importance Of Partnership And Cooperation In Health Care

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Partnership and cooperation between agencies are critical to the success of work in health promotion agencies (Butterfoss, 2012). The importance is recognized by practitioners across all levels. This coordination strengthens the capacity of various projects and services and helps broaden their reach, engaging more stakeholders hence achieving the shared objectives. Partnerships can attain greater outcomes than individuals or organizations working alone. The shared expertise, skills, and resources are the contributing factors to the increased benefits achieved by partnerships. The benefits include; efficient resourcing, effective delivery of services, policy development at community and organizational levels and social and community development…show more content…
For efficient services of the program, I would involve the members of the community such as the society and religious leaders, individuals, social and professional groups and non-governmental organizations. This partnership will increase the immunization coverage, ensure greater equity for underserved populations and increase satisfaction for the workers and community members (McQueen & Jones, 2012)The sense of joint responsibility for child health care provides psychological and practical benefits on the members of the community involved. Engagement of the media will help in the address of the health issues by informing people about the availability and impact of immunization services. Therefore, my coalition and the media will be proactive partners in the provision of health services. Community members and parents can share experiences about immunization in the radio interview shows. This will ensure that people are reminded of the importance of immunization and help in the relay of information to many people. Therefore, their partnership with my coalition would play an essential
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