The Importance Of Penile Cancer

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Introduction, Background & Significance It is estimated that 79 million Americans are currently infected with a strand of Human Papillomavirus (HPV), and that 14 million Americans become infected annually (CDC HPV Questions and Answers, 2016). Human Papillomavirus can cause penile cancer in men, cancer of the vulva, vagina or cervix in females, and esophageal, oropharyngeal, and anal cancers in both men and women (CDC HPV Questions and Answers, 2016). Consequently, 27 million Americans annually are diagnosed with cancer from HPV (CD11.7C What Is HPV, 2016). The morbidity and mortality rates for cervical cancer caused by HPV in the United States are 8.1 and 2.4 per 100,000 respectively; worldwide, the cervical cancer mortality rate is…show more content…
This is relevant to clinical practice because the HPV vaccine has been on the market for over 10 years in the United States and has proven efficacious against HPV and HPV related cancers. Despite this information, parents and patients continue to refuse the HPV vaccine.
This issue is relevant to clinical practice because not only is the HPV vaccine being refused, more individuals are being diagnosed with HPV and its associated cancers, and HPV is costing our health care system. With the increasing incidence of HPV infections, $2.7 billion is spent on follow-up of abnormal results from Pap tests, $108.3 million is spent on costs related to invasive cervical cancer, and $123.9 million is spent on external anogenital wart treatment (Chesson, Blanford, Gift, Tao, & Irwin, 2016). The annual cost for HPV infections up to age 24 is $2.8 billion for females and $62 million for males (Chesson, Blanford, Gift, Tao, & Irwin, 2016). Alternatively, the cost of the HPV vaccine ranges from $130-150 per injection, totaling $390-$450 for the vaccine series (Understanding HPV Vaccines, n.d.). The Vaccine for Children Program includes the HPV vaccine for males and females up to age 18; the HPV vaccine is also covered by most health insurance companies (Understanding HPV Vaccines, n.d.).
Question and Specific Aim The research question for this topic is: will presenting the HPV vaccine to parents and patients as a cancer vaccine instead of a STD vaccine increase
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