The Importance Of Perfectionism In Jerald Walker's Dragon Slayers

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“Stereotypes are valuable…But only if you use them to your advantage…You have to move [people] beyond the stereotype. You have to show them what’s real” (Walker 286). In Jerald Walker’s essay, “Dragon Slayers”, he draws people into the black stereotype but proceeds to teach people about the true culture, heritage, and traditions of black people. Likewise, this concept of showing people what’s real applies to all stereotypes. For instance, the “perfectionist” stereotype is often misunderstood. A perfectionist is someone who refuses to accept anything that is less than perfect. By some misconception, some people think that perfectionists lead “perfect” lives. Everything always goes in their favor, they always have everything in order, and nothing goes wrong. The lack of understanding by people who don't struggle with perfectionism created this mindset that perfectionism is only positive. However, being a perfectionist myself, I feel that I have the duty to show people what perfectionism actually is. Perfectionism is feeling anxious about a project because you want it to be perfect, so you stress over and procrastinate until the last minute. It is not being able to walk away from a task because you always feel that it could be more perfect. It is thinking that it’s unacceptable to make a mistake and that your achievements and accomplishments define who you are. “Perfectionism is a personality disposition characterized by a person’s striving for flawlessness, and the setting
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