The Importance Of Performance And Compensation Plans

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Mrs. Miller is a dedicated teacher who has been teaching inclusion classes for 25 years and teaches to truly make a difference in the lives of her students. She works with special education students hands on and is not only looked at as an educator but a role model to these students that she has formed such close relationships with. The state of Maryland has decided to adopt a merit pay system in which teachers are paid depending on how well their students perform. A technology system will be used to determine the amount of salary increase and decrease. This system uses four steps to establish the pay. These steps include: establishing performance and compensation plans, manage performance, evaluate performance, and link performance to reward (Summers, 2004). This affects Mrs. Miller because although some of her students perform at a typical level, some have learning disabilities and language issues. Mrs. Miller is aware that these deficiencies may hinder the results of her students’ test scores and overall performance. All students are required to take the test and their results will determine Mrs. Miller’s pay. Since she has been at the school for 25 years, the principal offers her the choice to teach a classroom of advanced students which will provide Mrs. Miller with a better paying scenario. The new special education teacher, Ms. Smith, is straight out of college and has no experience with these types of students. Mrs. Miller is also a single mom of four children, and…

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