The Importance Of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports

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Is it okay to use performance enhancing drugs in sport? Some people would agree because they would say that taking enhancing drugs improves athletes’ performance which makes the sport more interesting. The more interesting the sport, the more fans are gained. Most athletes say they dope because everyone else is doing it and they need to do it if they still want to be the best. However, if doping could be put to an end altogether then everyone would have an equal chance at being the best and the winner would be the one who worked the hardest instead of who found the best drugs to use. Doping has diminished the value of sportsmanship.

On the banned drug list, there are five different types, the most well known being steroids and hormones. Although they are performance enhancing, they have been banned by the sports’ governing bodies. In some sports athletes use steroids to become bigger and stronger, but in other sports such as swimming and cycling, they use performance enhancing drugs that are called anabolic steroids. These are effective for a short period of time because they increase red blood cell production. This allows the athletes’ muscles to work more efficiently because they now have more oxygen. This is how many athletes have been able to break old records with each race.

It is not okay to take performance enhancing drugs because sport is about fairness, health and talent. Fairness is what makes the game interesting. The spirit of sportsmanship is to
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