The Importance Of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports

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One of the biggest debates in sports in recent history is whether or not to allow performance enhancing drugs in sports. What pops into many people’s minds when they hear performancing enhancing drugs is steroids, which is a PED, but there are many more performance enhancing substances. There are many people that believe that performance enhancing drugs should remain banned in sports and those who are caught using any banned substances should be disciplined accordingly. However, some people think that it should be okay for athletes to use performance enhancing drugs to have better athletes and, as the name states, enhance the athlete’s performance. In every professional sport, athletes are tested randomly for these performance enhancing drugs, as well as other banned substances. Performance enhancing drugs have been a source of conflict in sports for years, and I think they will continue to be an issue no matter how much people try to crack down, and eliminate them. I personally agree that Performance enhancing drugs should remain banned for many reasons. For one things they are not natural for the body; the body is not meant to go to some of the limits that PEDs sometimes make people go. Some side effects that can occur from using PEDs for males is shrinking of the testicles, impotence, breast tissue development, and lower sperm production. Those are just some of many side effects that can happen to males who decide to take PEDs. A few side effects that can occur in
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