The Importance Of Person Centred And Holistic Care

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The purpose of this essay is to learn about the importance of person-centred and holistic care and how we promote effective communication with the patient and their family. I am going to demonstrate the impact and a range of health needs and services that the adult and their family may access in order to support them. This essay is based on the given scenario where Chris Walker is 59 years old and has diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer’s disease. He decides to take early retirement four months ago as he finds difficult to cope with a full time job. His partner has continued to work full time and they have two teenage children who live with them in a large house in a rural location. The young one has diagnosed with the Down syndrome. He feels very unwell and gets diagnosed with acute bronchitis and signs of dehydration on his admission. On admission Chris shows signs of dehydration. When the normal water content of our body is reduced, it distresses the balance of minerals (salts and sugar) in our body, which affects the way that it functions. As a result dehydration occurs. (NHS choice, 2011). To help Chris preventing from dehydration, it is very important to nurses to keep going back to the ward in order to remind him to drink plenty water. This is how the person centred approach can be promoted. RCN (royal College of Nursing) states that person-centred care aims to ensure a person is an equal partner in their health care. This means treating person as an individual

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