The Importance Of Personal Privacy

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aimed at protecting their citizenry. The United States has not been left behind in the stampede to adopt such measures. One of the proposals which have been put forward as far as a means of safeguarding and protecting Americans is to allow the government, through its various security agencies, to collect data and have access to the American people’s mobile phones, social media accounts, and even emails.
Unsurprisingly, this proposal has generated a heated debate among the American public. While some Americans do not feel anything wrong with such government surveillance especially since it is for public safety, others are nonetheless unconvinced that such an action is right. This latter group views any form of government surveillance on American people as a violation of their individual privacy.
On a personal level, I believe that my privacy is more important to me and therefore I choose the side which advocates of individual privacy as opposed to public safety. In the successive paragraphs, I will therefore provide reasons why I feel that my privacy should take precedence over the government’s need to access personal data.
a) Individual Privacy is protected by the Constitution.
The US Constitution protects the right to individual privacy under Amendment IV by guaranteeing the right of every person “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures…” (Redlich, Attanasio, & Goldstein, 2004). I therefore believe that by

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