The Importance Of Photo ID Laws

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This data suggests that a rise and fall of turnout is more closely related to the competitiveness of the race or the individual candidate than to identification laws. Examining turnout in Texas’ individual counties confirms this principle. For example, Tarrant county’s 2014 legislative race was far more competitive than the 2012 race, which caused the 3% uptick in turnout between those years. Similarly, in Hildago County, Texas Governor Wayne Abbot’s active GOTV measures among the Hispanic population caused a boost in turnout (The Economist, 2016). In the words of The Economist, “Demonstrating a single rule’s consequences is tricky; proving why people fail to vote is particularly fraught” (The Economist, 2016). Photo ID laws certainly have…show more content…
Indelible ink has been an integral component of India’s elections since the 1950s (Ferree et. al., 2013). Before casting a vote at the polling place, poll workers mark the voter’s thumb with an inerasable ink mark. Once applied, it indicates that the voter has already cast a ballot, thus preventing them from coming back with the intent of casting a second ballot (CSIR, 2016). This indelible ink is composed of silver nitrate, a chemical that is soluble in water. When applied to voters’ finger, the silver nitrate reacts with the salt on the skin and subsequently forms silver chloride. This new substance remains on the skin and does not wash off because it is not soluble in water (World of Chemicals, 2014). The marketing manager of Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited, the company that produces the indelible ink that will be used in India’s elections noted that due to its composition, indelible ink is nearly impossible to remove and remains on the voter’s finger for as long as a month. Mr. Harakumar revealed, “If the voters attempt to remove the ink through any chemical concoction they might end up burning their fingers” (The Hindu, 2016). The company that produces ink is certified by the National Research Development Corporation and produces the substance in conjunction
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