The Importance Of Photography As A Form Of Art

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Photography as a form of art is a controversial topic for numerous reasons. There are lot of different warring opinions when it comes to the legitimacy of photography as an art form. Photography is a very delicate matter considering that photography breaks a lot of the normal rules of aesthetics and is such an easy medium to create through, which can be both good and bad.

1. Photographic works of are more democratic than other art forms because there is no longer one original that can only be owned by a wealthy collector or museum. Photographs are in fact more democratic than any other art form. When a photograph is taken of something, all originality in the image has the ability to be lost due to photography's ability to make exact copies of images, paintings or other art forms. Someone else could take a picture of a picture taken for an aesthetic experience and can replicate the exact aesthetic experience captured. In that way photography makes art less exclusive and allows anyone to view art no matter how far away they are from the piece captured. It is absolutely the most democratic art form because there is no other art form that can quickly and easily replicate other art forms.

2. Photography is a lesser art form than painting or sculpture since it relies so much on the technology to create the image rather than being done by hand.

Photography is a lesser art form considering multiple factors that make other art superior to photography. For one photography is
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