The Importance Of Physical Education

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Physical education has long been mandatory in a majority of schools across the U.S. Most schools treat it as another classroom subject, grading students on the basis of their level of effort and participation. Despite mandating physical education in the U.S. for decades, student health has yet to see gradual improvements and in some cases, has even declined. Such a trend has sparked the debate over whether further action—such as requiring k-12 students to participate in athletic school programs—is needed. Both sides agree that some action is needed to address the declining health of American students and the rising rates of obesity, yet differ in the approach that should be taken. Students should be required to participate in athletic school programs because the benefits of doing so would greatly outweigh the overstated costs.
Requiring all students to participate in athletic school programs would have profound benefits on the physical health of America’s youth. Before the rise of technology, students often spent their time outside of the classroom in the company of other students. In the status quo, the preferences of young teens and students has shifted away from physical activities to the computer and video game industry. The result of this shift has been the deterioration of physical health amongst American teens. Obesity rates have gradually risen, as had a number of health-related issues. Requiring students to participate in school sporting activities would keep them

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