The Importance Of Physical Education

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Schools are faced with many challenges today, the main controversy is if there should be a requirement to take physical education at school. Additionally, kids worldwide are not getting the required calories burned each day; there are less funds for schools and a lack of a physical program requirement. The obesity rate around the world is increasing as kids continue to not get any exercise. Students should be required to take a certain amount of physical education, so they will maintain an active lifestyle that keeps them healthy.
Children obesity levels have risen as kids continue to get low amounts of exercise, technology has made it so close to the point where humans don't have to move much all day with cars carrying us to school instead of the traditional walking, phones which we can have all the information we need just by clicking and movement of the hands (Mcmahon 1). The obesity levels have also went up as schools make budget cuts and continue to end programs that are essential (Driscoll 1). Obese children need physical education programs, so they can benefit from the exercise they participate in for the day (Driscoll 1). Kids should eliminate these actions by going outside and using their body to walk to school every other day or walk to a friends house, and it would help increase the exercise output from teens (Mcmahon 1). In the article Physical Education: An Overview, Maureen McMahon emphasizes the repercussions obesity causes:
In the United States, 17 percent

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