The Importance Of Physical Education

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Why should physical education be taken seriously at an early childhood important in fighting against child obesity? Obesity has increased since students do not like to go outside or be involved in school physical activity programs. Physical education class optimizes brain function and physical health. This will make the students expect to enjoy physical activity and feel confident in their abilities. Better physical education will create a better future. More children learning to be active will live a healthier lifestyle in the future. Teachers can encourage the benefits of healthy and nutritious food and discourage the students for having junk food by highlighting their ill effects through physical education. They can easily promote procedures for nutrition and sound eating practices. As claimed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “there is a huge problem with obesity” (Price). Almost all non-sport participating students have below average flexibility and little muscular endurance. Issues with student obesity has been the center of topic to which everyone is talking about.
The Centers for Disease Control statistics indicates that “1 in 3 kids in America never learned proper fitness techniques and activities and as a result, they become overweight or obese” (Control). The youth of today in America are out of shape and overweight, which can result to getting diabetes. Most students do not participate in physical education because they do not

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