The Importance Of Physical Education

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Today’s generation of college students have been infected with social media poisoning, which places little to no importance on physical activity. Their idea of exercise consists of how fast their fingers type. Immediate changes need to be implemented in the education system to avoid serious long-term effects. College physical education courses are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle through education and exercise. The main objective of the education system incorporating physical education into curriculums was to inform and educate students on the importance of exercise for health purposes, ( ). The goal of achieving physical fitness can make carrying out a student’s normal day-to-day activities an easy task. In today’s…show more content…
Well- conditioned strong muscles allow heavy objects to be lifted without placing strain on the body. The daily food consumption of a college student is generally very high in calories, which can adversely affect their bodies making them unfit and overweight. Regular exercise helps eliminate obesity and other diseases associated with bad health habits. The only way to make our bodies more flexible is through regular exercise, which helps our bodies in the absorption of nutrients, increases physiological process, and improves metabolism, reducing obesity. Academic Performance. Research shows that a proper balance between academics and physical activity leads to increased cognitive abilities and brain functions,( ). Although the reasons aren’t fully understood, it is believed that increased oxygen flow to the brain stimulates learning. It seems the brain reaches a point of overload at which time exercise may clear the mind and open new channels for learning. There is a reason physical education is mandatory in primary and secondary education, which is to create a balance between studying and exercise. The same reason applies to colleges however, college curriculum designers assume that college students are mature young adults that can make good choices pertaining to health education and
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