The Importance Of Physical Education

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Learning is an essential part of life. How we learn has been studied by scientists and psychologists for many years. Through these studies, three major learning theories have been developed: behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism. The theory most prevalent when discussing physical education and activity in relation to overall student success is behaviorism. The behaviorist theory defines learning as acquiring new behavior. Behaviorists believe that positive or negative reinforcement shapes behavior. This positive or negative determines whether the behavior will happen again. Research suggest that physical education and activity is a positive way to change behavior. Many students lose focus in the classroom due to sedentary behavior. Obviously sedentary behavior can be detrimental to one’s health, but is not always taken into consideration when it comes to the classroom. Sports Play & Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK) is a program providing teachers with physical activity lessons that are beneficial to student learning and health. This research-based program says this about sedentary behavior: Students in every grade level at schools across the country are struggling in class. It’s not because they’re not smart, or they don’t care. It’s because we’re working against them. The longer children and teens are forced to sit and grow roots in their chairs, the harder it will be for them to bloom. (SPARK PE, 2012)
Children are not designed for “growing roots”, they are

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