The Importance Of Play And Storytelling When Teaching Elementary Students

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While going through school, my coursework has prepared me for student teaching in many ways. While going through elementary methods we were split into groups and taught a unit to five home schooled students. During this time I learned about how to choose a theme and then develop an original unit around the theme. I also learned about the value of play and storytelling when teaching elementary students. I reflected on the importance of play and storytelling when writing my final case study paper. Being able to transfer my lesson plan from paper to teaching the students helped me critique my way of designing lessons because I realized where I need more time or where I need to check for understandings. In my courses I have read a lot of books about classroom management, lesson planning, and famous art educators, but one of the books that has changed my idea of how to teach secondary students was the book “Teaching Meaning in Artmaking” by Sydney Walker. This book has taught me how important it is to create a big idea that relates to the student’s lives and how it can be different from developing a theme. Learning how to properly use an artist as an example and to interpret their work is important when developing a lesson because when an artist is misinterpreted the outcome of the lesson will not be as successful. Using a big idea is beneficial to students because they will have more of a personal connection. If the students can relate to the subject matter then they can
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