The Importance Of Poetry In Poetry

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Although poetry evokes many varying opinions among high school students, I believe poetry should be be taught in public schools because it is important to learn different types of writing in english, poetry is a way of self expression, and some students end up loving poetry. This opinion will be made clear by analyzing poetry as well as other literature based on the topic. Poetry is a way of self expression and various of poems show this. For example the poem, Why Am I So Brown by Trinidad Sanchez jr. The poem states, “ Why am I so Brown? God made you brown, mi'ja color bronce--color of your raza connecting you to your raices, your story/historia as you begin moving towards your future.” This quote states that it’s okay to be brown, to…show more content…
On the blog “Why Poetry Is Necessary” by Roger Housden expresses “This is why poetry can be dangerous as well as necessary. Because we may never be the same again after reading a poem that happens to speak to our own life directly. I know that when I meet my own life in a great poem, I feel opened, clarified, confirmed somehow in what I sensed was true but had no words for. Anything that can do this is surely necessary for the fullness of a human life.” I agree with this statement because when you find a poem that is speaking to you, you fall in love with it because you can relate to it and you feel open when you read that poem, it’s like reading your own life. Another statement from “Why Is Poetry Necessary” is “On my good days, I knew better, which is why I kept writing. I knew that great poetry has the power to start a fire in a person’s life. It can alter the way we see ourselves. It can change the way we see the world. You may never have read a poem in your life, and yet you can pick up a volume of Mary Oliver say, or Neruda, or of Rumi, open it to any page, and suddenly find yourself blown into a world full of awe, dread, wonder, marvel, deep sorrow, and joy.” This quote shows how poetry can change someone’s life. I was never a fan of poetry till I found poems I could relate to now, I feel that interest of feeling a flame when you read a poem that relates to your own story of life. Lastly, a
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