The Importance Of Political Issues In Hamlet

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Ayn Rand once said, “There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil”. Rand’s concept is applicable to the story, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. The issues in Hamlet are political and there are two main issues. The first issue is that Claudius stole the throne by murdering his brother and the second issue is that Hamlet is a threat to Claudius’ power. Hamlet is on the right side of the first issue by trying to restore the power that Claudius stole. Claudius is on the wrong side of the second issue by trying to protect his stolen power by getting rid of Hamlet. The Queen, Gertrude, is torn between the two but she does not develop any major bonds. The political issues in Hamlet cause the characters to strengthen bonds and create bonds with the unexpected,
The bonds that are made with Hamlet establish which side of the issue that the characters are on. The bond that sets the team into motion is the bond between the Ghost and Hamlet. When Hamlet encounters the Ghost, the Ghost reminds Hamlet and the readers of the bond that they share when he says, “I am thy father’s spirit” (Shakespeare I.v). The Ghost puts any doubts that Hamlet had about the Ghost being his father to rest. The conversation shows that the bond that King Hamlet and his son share can withstand anything, especially death. The Ghost shows that he is completely on Hamlet’s side because he gives Hamlet the full story. King Hamlet tells the story about his
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