The Importance Of Political Parties In The United States

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b.The people's trust in the government and their political leaders has been in decline since the 1970’s. Pre 1970s people had more faith in the honesty of the government but after the Watergate scandal that trust diminished and in turn we became more scrutinizing more critical and demanding of our leaders. for example our scrutiny over the NSA and government surveillance was a prime example of how we are distrustful of our government and what they are doing. After we were told that we were being watched we criticized the NSA, some became paranoid that all of our texts are being spied on and that they are storing all our personal information. This affects the political efficacy and viewpoints of many americans. Some people may not want to vote because they are distrustful of their candidates or of the system, and some decide to become an independent and take away importance from political parties which according to some are untrustworthy. This also has affected what is published in…show more content…
Voting and political participation are key components of democracy and without them we would not be able to run this country. Political participation although important is on the decline and is a result of the average non voters ideas. the average non voter believes that his one vote is not going to make a difference, or it's rigged, or they don't have time to vote. This results in lowering political participation. Another cause is that many people are not always well educated about civics and what they can do to participate in the government and because of that they may not be aware of how to caucus or how or where to go primary. whatever the issue with the voter is it always ends in one result a large part of americans not voting even though it is extremely important. This participation is also affected by the media and how they portray the candidates to the public, this will affect who the voter likes rather than forming their own opinion they just go with the media their
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