The Importance Of Pollution On The Environment

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What will our Earth look like if we, as human beings living on this single planet, continue to carelessly live our lives, destroying and setting the environment up for near failure? (Rhetorical Question). The major issue of pollution and other disastrous environmental effects caused by industrialization is one that is very significant, for this is what will determine what our planet will look like in the following decades and centuries. As the millennial generation, it must be known that our generation will be the one to shape the earth in the near future, and therefore we all should be driven to substantial change for the environment, and consequently our planet. In today’s age, because we have an advancement in sources and technology, every single individual here has the ability to make a significant change that will contribute to the global and collective growth of our future planet and society. We believe that we must take action against pollution, and for environmentalism, through sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, and conserving energy. When it comes to the pollution on the earth, we are our own enemy. Modern day lifestyle takes a toll on the health of our planet every day. From all of the cars that produce toxic emissions to the small plastic bags flying in the wind, humans are constantly polluting the earth, whether it is intentional or not. According to the EPA, motor vehicles collectively cause 75 percent of carbon monoxide pollution in the U.S.
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