The Importance Of Post-Defeat In College

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I lost. As my friends gather around me to share their commiserations, that is the prevailing thought in my head. ”I know how you must feel,” one of them says. “I am so sorry.” In response, I laugh (in the way some people do inexplicably following defeat). Fleetingly, I ponder that statement as I approach the winner of the election, my attention flipping to what I am going to say. Arriving at my destination far too quickly for my taste, I fumble about giving the traditional post-defeat congratulations. Leaving the room of my public display of forced humility, my mind jumps back to what my friend had said. I expect he thought me to be dazed or bitter, perhaps humiliated. An understandable conclusion considering the work I had put in—performing the humbling task of campaigning in the weeks leading up to the election for Science Club…show more content…
Today, He and I still work together in a club that we founded. And I have shifted from silently taking offense to any abrasive remarks he makes to pointing out to him how what he said could be offensive. Beyond personal relationships, I have started to apply this practice to how I present myself. Both in Science Club and other clubs, I actively participate and lead, putting myself out there despite the possibility of failure. Consequently, I find it easier to garner respect of others. These skills have helped me to lead like when I directed a Mu Alpha Theta convention of 80 volunteers and 224 participants this past November. In the end, my loss in the election forced me to grow a backbone and taught me how to confront my problems and deal with them directly. I have learned to treat failure as a reflection of the scientific process in real life; I have learned to approach it positively—learning from it, gaining experience that can be used in future
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