The Importance Of Poverty In Brazil

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Poverty eradication has become one of the main goals within the last few decades as shown through the recently expired Millennium Development Goals and the subsequent Sustainable Development Goals. Poverty is influential as high poverty causes worse health outcomes within a country. Poverty severely affects several aspects of quality of life, such as health and happiness. This makes it vital to evaluate the quality of life within a country. Poverty and Inequality have been linked together with various factors by the World Bank in their report. This chapter will look at how the economic inequality within Japan, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil have either increased or decreased poverty within a country. The indicators this chapter shall use is the $1.90 poverty line used by the World Bank. This chapter will look at evidence that appears to show that Brazil; with high government intervention and a decrease in inequality has had a dramatic effect on poverty, both absolute and relative. Whilst South Africa; poverty has been reduced but not near the level of reduction experienced in Brazil. In contrast in the two developed states, absolute poverty appears to be less of an issue, but relative poverty seems to still correlate with income inequality. Interestingly, both countries have seen increases in poverty whilst at the same time seen increases in economic inequality. Although the type of poverty is different, inequality appears to have a vital role in determining
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