The Importance Of Poverty In My Life

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Poverty is a strong word that affects so many people life. I look at poverty like it’s a disease. Poverty isn’t prejudice. Poverty looks for no color or no pacific gender. Poverty affect people education, self-esteem, where they lived, what they ate, the clothes they wear, a person health, a person mental state of mind and a person behavior. Poverty come to destroy a person life; well it tries to. Poverty affected my life in all those ways. It affected my whole family. I am a single mother of two, I live on subsidized housing. I was born into poverty and I have to say, I thought it would always be a part of my life. Education was very hard for me to achieve and it still is. My mother worked two full time jobs to keep a roof over her four children head and to be able to feed them. I was the only girl of the four so I was left to attend to her duties while she wasn’t there.
My mother couldn’t afford daycare and she didn’t have a lot of help from family. That means I was left to attend to her duties a lot. At the age of seven I was cooking, cleaning, making sure my brothers had their baths before my mother got home. I had to make sure they were feed, in bed or ready for bed once she got home. By the time my mother got home she was too exhausted to help me with any homework. My mother was too exhausted to notice that I was so far behind in school. She was too exhausted to notice I couldn’t read. But had to work two jobs to take care of her children because my father wasn’t helping at that time in our life.
Teacher didn’t try to help me. All they seen when they saw me was a misbehaved little girl that couldn’t read. My mother was too scared to ask for any help; because the one time she did they told her that she would have to put her children in foster care. So, she made it work at any cost. That cost at the cost of my education. I thought this was life. You live hard and you work hard. I had no self-esteem, no communication skills, we didn’t always have something to eat, our health was at risk, our house used to get broken into a lot. My behavior in school was terrible and my mental state of mind was really messed-up.
I am thirty-six and I still live poverty a little bit. I taught myself how to read at the
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