The Importance Of Poverty

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All around the world, the majority of the population’s lives are lived in comfort, but very little action is taken to support those who cannot support themselves. Certain comforts are taken for granted in today’s modern society, and so many everyday citizens that are seemingly unaffected by the low-income population forget that there are people who may have never had a roof over their head or a full stomach. Such conditions are commonly tied to low income and homelessness. Poverty is the canopy under which similar circumstances fall, but the category is actually quite specific. Poverty is a despicable set of circumstances that needs to be terminated and can be eradicated with assistance from kindhearted citizens that can spare time, money, and any resources that can be found helpful to rid planet Earth of such a repulsive dilemma. Poverty affects more people than several groups in society prefer to see. Poverty is essentially a lacking of basic necessities that are taken for granted in several parts of the world ( By Robert Rector’s definition in Poverty, edited by Roman Espejo, poverty is normally not as dire as society is led to believe. While the poverty-stricken population may have an overall low income, most people that live in poverty have cars, houses, and color televisions (40). According to Compassion International, an organization that specializes in what poverty is and works to end it, the line that separates the poverty population from the
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