The Importance Of Power In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In George Orwell’s allegorical fable, Animal Farm, the statement, once power is given to an individual or group, individual thought ceases to exist, is portrayed. Beginning when Napoleon took over as the leader of the farm, all tasks were completed under his command, whether the animals approved or not, they remained obedient. The animals no longer share their opinions; rather they do not have any welcomed personal thought. Consequently, the animals have become strictly dependent on Napoleon’s word, as they have become accustom to his dictation and performing simultaneous actions. The instant crowning occurs, is the same moment that the individual thought of the greater population ceases to exist, exhibited through three classes by Boxer,…show more content…
Manipulatively speaking, Squealer is able to trick the animals into believing Napoleon’s objectives. Admirable to the sheep, Squealer takes advantage of them in order help support Napoleon’s case. Squealer spent the day with the sheep in the waste ground “teaching them to sing a new song, for which privacy is needed” (88). Squealer uses the sheep that are unable to think for themselves, to make Napoleon’s changes around the farm sufficient as the sheep seem like they are already supporting it. Twisting the truth, Squealer discloses to the animals he is teaching the sheep an innocent song, meanwhile he is using them for Napoleon’s benefit. Impacted by Napoleon’s power, the sheep continue to recite what Squealer suggests, supporting their ruler. Moreover, Squealer uses his persuasive ways when explaining sudden alterations made by Napoleon to the seven commandments: “ ‘But no more comfortable than we need, I can tell you, comrades, with all the brainwork we have to do nowadays’ ” (46). To keep the pigs I power and of a higher class than the rest of the farm animals, Napoleon alters one of the commandments to project them higher up in hierarchy. With Napoleon’s exceptional management, Squealer eliminates all small counter thoughts by the animals, by assuring them it is better for them. Preserving Napoleon’s power, Squealer refuses individual thought, and forces the animals to support
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