The Importance Of Power In Nursing

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Power was once taboo in the field of nursing. The exercise of power in nursing can no longer be passive and is essential to the effective implementation of both clinical and managerial roles of nurses. Nursing is a dynamic profession in which nurses are increasingly given greater responsibility and are expected to provide more complex care. Decisions and goals to empower others can make the nursing profession better, as well as the improvement of patient care with the implementation of patient care delivery systems. Management will benefit from receiving input from staff that is directly involved in the care of patients and can build a more cohesive team with common goals. Empowerment, goals, and the patient care delivery system will be discussed along with the reasons why they are essential in the field of nursing. Empowered atmosphere Empowerment is the progress by which power is shared with colleagues and patients as part of the nurse's exercise of power. Implementing organizational strategies that support team governance, open communication, and supportive and empathetic nursing relationships. It is recommended through collaboration, not competition and power plays. Power is the ability to accomplish goals from a high-status position in an organization. “Knowledge is power.” but the power lies in acting on that acknowledge. Sharing power and aiding the empowerment of colleagues creates a revitalized workplace culture (Yoder-Wise, 2007). Many nurses leave
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