The Importance Of Prayer In Public Schools

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President George W. Bush once said, "We should not have teacher-led prayers in public schools, and school officials should never favor one religion over another, or favor religion over no religion" Whether Christian prayer should be sponsored by public schools has been a widely debated issue since it was brought to the American public's attention. The practice of school sponsored or teacher sponsored prayer is where the students and faculty of a school recite a prayer simultaneously each morning, and was extremely popular in the early years of the American education system until the nineteen sixties. Today, public schools are banned from forcing students to recite a daily prayer. Many people who belong to the Christian faith believe that prayer is vital to shape a child's morals and behavior. However, there are others who believe that allowing prayer into public schools is a violation of the rights of the students who do not belong to the Christian faith. Daily administrator-led prayer in public schools should continue to be banned for the remainder of the public-school system’s existence. Although some Christians may see it as a violation of their freedom of religion, prayer in public school should not be allowed due to separation of church and state, and the intolerance that prayer in public school may impose.
Public school sponsored prayer is a violation of the Constitution of the United States. The first amendment guarantees religious freedoms by forbidding the
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