The Importance Of Pre-Andover Schooling

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Hi Ms. Hallgren,

Hope you’re doing well! It was great meeting you on Wednesday!

So, let’s see.

I was born in Manhattan, New York and lived there until I was four. But I really consider myself from Allen, Texas – a medium sided suburb about 20 miles from Dallas, Texas. My mother, older sister, and I have lived in Allen for all of my pre-Andover schooling and I went through my city’s ridiculously large public school system. With the exception of my “gifted and talent”/honors classes, almost all of my classes had between 21 to 27 students. Since I was usually in such large classes, up until Andover, I would say I enjoyed learning because it was so simple to do – all I had to do was shut up and listen.

This ability to keep quiet and pay attention regardless of the chaos that was taking place in the classroom allows me to have a very long attention span, which is what I consider as one of my greatest strengths as a student. I can take in a lot of dense information or have prolonged discussions without issue.

On the down side, this ability has turned me into sponge
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Before 9th grade, I had only read books for leisure so annotating was a new task that I need to grasp. While reading books for fun and never having annotated much beforehand might not have prepared me for Andover, but it did create a love of reading that I still have. Specifically, with a love in reading graphic novels, comic books, contemporary classics, and horror/thriller novels. As much as I love reading, I would say that I enjoy writing a bit more. Mainly writing short stories for fun, attempting to write creative non-fiction about my (relatively boring) life, and a couple of opinion pieces for Andover’s school newspaper – The Phillipian – and for Andover’s intersectional feminism magazine – BOSS, and writing for Feeling Blue, Andover’s health and wellness
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