The Importance Of Pre Kindergarten Education Within Students Suffering From Poverty

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Abstract This Contemporary Issues Paper looks at the importance of pre-kindergarten education within students suffering from poverty. The goal is to show the effectiveness of early prevention to prevent intervention in higher grades. Students living in poverty are at-risk of retention or later dropping out. As most of the students living in poverty receive some type of public assistance, I propose we create legislation requiring students of families that receive public assistance to enroll in a pre-kindergarten program. To gain a better understanding of the importance of pre-kindergarten programs I conducted a field experience at an urban pre-kindergarten program called Quality Time Childcare. The first phase of my field experience included interviewing teachers; to increase my understanding of what they perceived their job to be as preschool teachers. I also observed students, parents and teachers interactions. As I interviewed teachers and observed students, the need for pre-kindergarten programs became clearer. Students from poverty stricken homes are less likely to be exposed to vocabulary and tools needed to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. Today, too many students are not ready to do kindergarten work, causing these children to fall dangerously behind. These students frequently repeat kindergarten, first or second grade. By the third grade many of these students are on the path of being high school dropouts. We have legislation that holds parents responsible
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