The Importance Of Pre Project Planning On The Delivery Process And Its Potential Impact On Project Success

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It has been an enormous growth in the use of megaproject as the preferred delivery model for business and industrial activities over the past decade and there is a distinct indicates that this will continue. Construction of megaproject is a complex undertaking, depending on the scope and complexity of the project, it takes in a varied range of aspects consideration and miscellaneous preparations from initial planning to project completion. ‘The importance of pre-project planning in the delivery process and its potential impact on project success has long been recognized by industry practitioners’ (Gibson et al. 2006). With appropriate approaches, it offers extensive opportunities in terms of economy, social and environment impacts. On the other hand, it leads to disastrous pit if is not given appropriate strategy. In 1996, it was bring about by the government of the State of Victoria to develop an exciting public community square with its intentions to commemorate the 2001 centennial of the Australian Federation (Misiak 2003). Besides its derivation purpose, it was also aimed to create an iconic landmark and to boost Melbourne’s status in the global community. Soon after the announcement, an international design competition was conducted for the development of the Federation Square. 'Of the 177 entries, a joint venture formed by London-based Lab architecture studio and Melbourne based Bates Smart architects won the design competition and the formal planning process began
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