The Importance Of Preserving Items Of A 500 Year Time Capsule

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The idea of preserving items in a 500 year time capsule may seem like an amazing idea but it is actually rather difficult to find objects worthy of being put in it. Certain items from my infancy would have to be included because certain events that happened back then have helped to make me the person who I now today. My infant life was not one full of idealistic situations due to my birth parents who were unfit to take care of me, and I am thankful I call my aunt and uncle my mom and dad. They were very abusive and I would want to preserve some of those memories to explain several points. I would also want my future generations, or whoever would uncover the capsule, to know what it was like to live during this time period, and the…show more content…
I have had the metal pin and screws kept in a small, green, and opaque package that was given to me by the doctor who removed the pin. Firstly, I would want to include that in the time capsule because it would tell a story of how my life was changed. It would tell the story of how a life was trusted in the hands of two individuals, and they took that life and disregarded how a baby should be properly taken care of. I do not know why they said that it was an accident when it clearly was not, but it makes me sick to think that anybody could lie to their own child about something that still affects them to this day. Another reason I want to include the pin, is because it would tell people how I became a stronger person. Having multiple surgeries itself is something unfortunate to live through. All the physical scars I have remind me of the horrible events that transpired when I was very small, but at the same time I think of them as battle scars. They show that I had the determination to not give up on life, and to prevail regardless of all the obstacles that plagued my life. Also, including it in my time capsule could tell people the lesson that I have learned about others. I learned that not everybody is fit for parenthood, but when it comes unexpectedly, there is no bracing for the fight to come. Some people simply cannot handle the burdens and responsibilities that come with bearing a child. It does not upset me that they did not get to know what I
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