The Importance Of Probation Kiosks For An Office Visit

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Any time new or advanced technology is introduced to a workplace, it is almost always with the goal of making processes more efficient. Probation kiosks are no different. Ultimately, the end goal is to make things easier for supervising officers and for offenders. Officers can use the kiosks to collect information they normally would have to do face-to-face. Address/phone number changes, employment data, drug/alcohol treatment updates, and payment information are just a few of the conditions that offenders talk about during an office visit. Offenders are typically scheduled for particular times on their report day to cut down on wait time and capitalize on officer availability. However, there are numerous factors that can lead to a lobby getting filled up and lead to potential issues while offenders wait to be seen. Kiosks offer the opportunity to collect needed information and enable offenders to quickly report. This research will utilize some qualitative and quantitative approaches. Given that this project began with research surrounding departments utilizing kiosks, this literature review will continue throughout the project. This will result in a final project that highlights successes and failures in regards to kiosk reporting. Additionally, the literature review will touch on how to supervise low/moderate/high risk offenders and justification for the use of kiosks on low risk offenders (thus providing officers more time to focus on high risk offenders). Any…
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