The Importance Of Professional Behavior Assessment In Medical School

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As medical school training is a stepping-stone to becoming a good doctor, it goes to say that it is important for the school to regulate the upbringing of its students, so that they come out as successful doctors. The importance of professional behaviour assessment in medical school According to the GMC, a medical professional is required to be Knowledgeable, Skilful and Professional. While the Medical school ensures the fulfilment of the first two criteria’s through examination, many of the issues that emerge later in people’s careers are linked to inadequate professional behaviour. Within a healthcare setting, professionalism plays an important role in establishing a strong patient-doctor relationship (where in professional behaviour meets the patient’s expectation thus establishing trust) and a doctor-doctor relationship (so that medical professionals can coordinate practice to the needs of and safety for the patient). To reach these goals, it is imperative that the Medical school takes it upon itself to monitor professionalism at an early stage in a medical professional’s life. In assessing professionalism, identification of problems in training can permit early remediation (so that instances of inadequate professional behaviour do not grow to become the norm) and simultaneously accustom the student to the standards of professionalism (to make the transition process of student to doctor smoother). My professional behaviour and how I will change it With regards to my
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