The Importance Of Professional Development And Student Achievement

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Although multiple studies have been conducted examining the relationship between technology and student achievement, researchers have failed to reach a consensus. Several studies have shown technology to have a positive impact on achievement, while others have concluded that technology had no effect on students’ achievement or critical thinking skills. While a positive relationship between technology and achievement cannot be proven, no adverse effects have been identified. Furthermore, students indicated they preferred technology-rich learning environments. Therefore, opportunities to integrate technology into the classroom should be continued (Cravey, 2008; Davis, 2012; Eyyam & Wu, 2012; Osman & Vebrianto, 2013; Ross & Bruce, 2009; Sharpley et al. 2011; Yang & Wu, 2012).
Professional Development and Technology Use The importance of high-quality professional development for teachers has been an important topic for over thirty years. (National Commission on Excellence in Education, 1983). Historically, professional development has been provided in two to four hour sessions by external experts. Topics were usually chosen by the principal or superintendent and focused on classroom management, discipline, or student achievement. Professional development related to computers or technology use has been limited because technology in education is a relatively new concept (Schrum, 1999).
However, even though a lack of technology-related professional development exists, there
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