The Importance Of Professional Development In Education

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Teaching is a complex and developing process. The complexity of teaching increases when a teacher focuses on; raising his or her teaching standards, assessment and student achievement, changes in curriculum models, changes in subject specification and on the different experiences every classroom presents. Therefore, for a teacher’s professional development and effective performance, refining, reviewing and proper planning of his or her teaching process and techniques is important. Additionally, pedagogical approaches and techniques are significant in a teacher’s professional development. Effective and efficient teachers promote high quality and effective learning. Knowledge, decisions and actions, are the major qualities a teacher should adapt, so as to be a more effective and professional teacher.
Teachers can become effective and skillful teachers by promoting quality learning and creating effective learning situations. Quality learning can be achieved by the use of teaching models which assist a student to understand the subject being taught. Additionally, the teaching models can help a student support his or he own learning, whether the teacher is around or not. The teaching models may include inductive teaching, which helps the students think inductively, by sorting and generating rules and hypothesis. Inductive teaching assists the students in solving problems and consequently improve
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