The Importance Of Professional Development In Education

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Picture a school in an urban district that has been struggling for years and now is an “F” school. Now, imagine the success of the school in a professional way and being recognized for improving your skills. One of the most critical aspect of education is the success of Professional Development. The primary focus of a successful school is student learning and the effectiveness and the responsibility of administration. This is a necessity of the facilitator, a teacher lead, one that uses strategies to focus on the professional development that allows the educator to experiment with instructional practices. In every classroom throughout the United States the quality of student learning should be connected to the quality of instruction in the classroom. Consequently, the most important aspect of instructional leadership is to provide the necessity semblance to promote effective instructional improvement. To achieve this, the leadership must have a plan and deliver an effective staff professional development program. To insure the success of professional development, the staff must the appropriate funds and time to practice new skills. Having the support, teachers need that verbal support as well as physical commitment by the supervisors. I believe teachers should take part in identifying their developmental needs. They should take part in planning and delivery of staff development. Teachers should be involved in the identification of their own staff development needs which
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