The Importance Of Professional Writing Throughout A Nurse 's Career

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Nurses utilize writing every day in clinical practice, making the attainment of professional writing skills an important goal for students. Scholarly writing is form of communication which exchanges health information amongst professionals and consumers. Professional nursing literature is formatted according to the American Psychological Association (APA) formatting standards. Producing well-written nursing documentation or publications helps nurses enhance their professional respectability along with the discipline’s respectability. Writing helps nursing practice become more efficient, patient-centered, and evidenced-based because it encourages critical, creative, and holistic thinking. It is recommended for registered nurses to have a solid foundation in scholarly writing, literature review, and APA formatting if they wish to contribute to nursing publications. This paper aims to reflect on the importance of professional writing throughout a nurse’s career. The two articles reviewed for this paper examined how and why educators should incorporate professional writing skills into baccalaureate nursing curricula. Hunker, Gazza, and Shellenbarger (2014) developed knowledge, skill, and attitude (KSA) sets for guiding student writing development. They believe that effectively teaching professional writing presents a challenge because of the complex and emotional nature of the process. Students need to value high quality scholarly writing and advancing nursing as science if
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