The Importance Of Professionalism At A Physical Therapy Degree Program

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Wearing a button down collared shirt tucked into my khaki pants, I walked into my first volunteer position at an outpatient physical therapy clinic fifteen minutes early. I greeted the patients sitting in the waiting room with a kind hello and smile as I signed in at the front desk. While arriving early and well-dressed are key points that are often overlooked, there lies more in professionalism than the face value. Now as I’m faced with the opportunity of becoming a student professional in a physical therapy degree program I am asked to define professionalism. Professionalism, according to the American Physical Therapy Association, is broken down into five core values: integrity, accountability, excellence, compassion and caring, and altruism.1 Each of these core values are equally important and will be discussed in the following paragraphs. Integrity is the first core value and one that I deem to be most important. Integrity is honesty with yourself and the people with which my education, personal life and therapy setting surrounds. One of the greatest aspects of integrity is humility. During my first year as a physical therapy student, I will knowingly come across many gaps in my knowledge base. Thus, understanding that it is my professional duty and responsibility to alert and seek help from professor and peers when my scholarly and knowledge limitations have been met. In relation to the second core value, accountability, I also know that I will make mistakes; I will…
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