The Importance Of Professionalism At A Physical Therapy Degree Program

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Wearing a button down collared shirt tucked into my khaki pants, I walked into my first volunteer position at an outpatient physical therapy clinic fifteen minutes early. I greeted the patients sitting in the waiting room with a kind hello and smile as I signed in at the front desk. While arriving early and well-dressed are key points that are often overlooked, there lies more in professionalism than the face value. Now as I’m faced with the opportunity of becoming a student professional in a physical therapy degree program I am asked to define professionalism. Professionalism, according to the American Physical Therapy Association, is broken down into five core values: integrity, accountability, excellence, compassion and caring, and…show more content…
I will need to recognize these mistakes, own up to them and then find effective measures to correct my errors in an established and authentic way. Integrity does not stop at a knowledge level, it continues with confidentiality in peer, and therapy circles. During clinicals, patient confidentiality is a core concept attached to treatment. I will respect and understand that the patient can divulge some private/personal (other word here) information to me and I must respectfully keep that close to my chest. The same goes for peer circles. If a colleague tells me something personal then it is my professional responsibility to not tell anyone (other phrase here). I understand that I will make mistakes but whether I am wrong or right, I will need to back up my claims with scholarly and peer-reviewed evidence in an academic, therapy and personal environment. This displays the second core value: excellence. Citing my claims with scholarly and peer-reviewed articles for decisions made on a patient’s therapy mode during clinicals or in the academic environment when asked to talk about new therapeutic treatments for total knee replacements is of utmost importance. Without backing, my words become theories without merit and no patient wants to know that their therapy is based on unproven methods. In junction with citing my work, I will also need to continue my education through research during my tenure student professional and as a
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