The Importance Of Professionalism, Ethical Standards

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This paper explores the importance of professionalism, ethical standards, professional conduct, and the importance of each in the health care system. These roles can have a positive or negative effect, or become determining factors for patients or individuals when choosing a health care facility. As the top administration of Well Care Hospital, it is my duty and role to ensure all staff members are conducting themselves in a professional and ethical manner, and following policy and procedures regarding patient’s and their medical information. The ramification or consequences I will implement if employees or staff members violate our professional code of conduct policy or security policy to prevent another security breach in the near future.

My position as top administrator at Well Care Hospital is to provide a safe and working environment for patients and staff. My duty or responsibility is to ensure that all staff members are following our professional code of conduct policy, and displaying professionalism at all times, when dealing with patients and other staff members. If staff members are not following procedures or policy this could lead to HIPPA violations, negligence lawsuits, or security breaches where patient’s information have been disclosed to the public. In the last few months we have encountered a security breach at our hospital, and I have to find new ways or solutions to prevent another security breach from taking place. Duty of the…
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