The Importance Of Professionalism Expected Of A Senior Member Of Technology Planning

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On 11/13/XX, I provided you with an outline of what I expected in this overview document because I had previously explained what I expected several times and you hadn 't delivered it. As you know, I have wanted to review this document with
Tim for over a month and it is delaying the approval of the hardware portion of the LAN. The review meeting that was held today with Ren, Hall, and Kerry was a waste of our time. And, it was obvious that you had made only minor corrections to his document, since we met yesterday afternoon to review what you had at that time. Note, I don 't consider your coming to me 30 minutes prior to our 2:00 meeting asking me about my comments yesterday -- so that you hastily throw something more into the document I presume--as an acceptance of your responsibility to complete this document and a demonstration of the professionalism expected of a senior member of Technology Planning.
Now you have an outline of what is expected, we a meeting planned to review this document with Charlene at 9:00 on Friday morning. I don 't what else I can say. This needs to be completed!
Document 3
Date: February 22, XXXX
To: Peter Gill
From: Tim Seitz
Regarding: Responsibilities

As I explained to you at 9:00 a.m. today, your responsibilities have changed.
Your new assignment is to work on the implementation of the technology planning test LAN until your situation is resolved. I talked with Sue James very early this morning to ensure that you would have tasks to keep…
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