The Importance Of Project Management Competencies And Their Importance

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The purpose of this study is to analyze the importance of project management competencies to obtain a successful career in the field. The problems addressed in this analysis are to gain an understanding of the project management competencies needed for successful implementation in any industry given. The analysis contributes to research and practice in two ways. The first is the identification and reporting of project management competencies and their importance. Secondly, the analysis proposes a framework that would provide an organization with a system for recruitment, measuring performance, identifying training and development needs of individual employees, and rewarding effective performance for outstanding performers. The analysis…show more content…
Consecutively, it could be defined as the process of achieving objectives by using the combined capabilities of project resources or assets. General management skills can be referred to as a basis for project management. General management is considered a repetitive process, and project management focuses on change and calls for different competencies than that of general management. Competence and Competency are often used interchangeably. Competent comes from the Latin root competere, which means “to be suitable” and the term is generally used to describe someone who is sufficiently skilled to perform a specified task or to fill a defined position (GAPPS, 2007). In order for any organization to thrive in this lifetime, there needs to be an implementation of project management across the board to be reliable and successful, which makes the profession of great importance. B. Problem Statement According to the Project Management Institute 45% of the projects are deemed failures in various organizations, but these statistics can be inaccurate due to the fact that most companies do not publicly address failures in projects. The main reason why organizations do not state their project failure statistics is because the companies are afraid to have a drop in their stocks, and understand the affect it can have
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