The Importance Of Promoting Positive Parenting Skills

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From my own experience, I can tell you the importance of promoting positive parenting skills. At the beginning in life, many parents don’t have skills and solid knowledge, which causes us difficulties for raising our children the right way. For that reason, I would like to promote positive parenting skills programs to parents in my neighborhood. My program provides a great opportunity for parents to enhance positive parenting skills. Also my goal is to decrease parenting frustration in community. It has been my dream to promote this topic since the day I become a parent and gained some knowledge about parent –child relationship.
The goal of promoting positive parenting skills program is to teach children positive behavior and create positive environment between parents and child at home. Many parents believe spanking, yelling, screaming and hurting child’s emotional is necessary for effective strategy for discipline to their children however, enourmse researches indicates this kind of approach ruining child-parents relationship in the long run. The question we need to explore is how can parents help their kids to develop positive behavior and self-disciple without parents being aggressive and involving a physical abuse toward their children. My perspective, I believe parents are considered first hand teacher for a child and as we ware of teachers don’t teach without acquiring knowledge for what they teach, so it is important to develop a positive relationship with
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